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About Us

About Universal Simulation

Universal Simulation was created to democratise simulators and simulations across the educational fields. Getting involved in 3D, VR and haptic simulations.

We are also resellers of Virteasy Dental, Kobra Simulator and can provide training from JP Mentors.

UVR Simulation Team
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James Markey,
CEO of UVR Simulation

James comes from a background in variety of commercial and training roles from companies such as: Russell & Bromley, Iceland Foods and Unilever.

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Bradley Summers, Product manager

Brad is responsible for making sure that everything goes to plan, everyone is kept in the loop and universities get the best service possible.

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Development, Sales

& Support Teams

We have a team of people that are waiting and willing to help you out with quotations and to answer any questions.

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Enterprise Partners
Virteasy Dental (by HRV Simulation)

Virteasy Dental is one of the leading dental simulators using VR and 3D technology on the market. Their simulators can be found in more than 25 universities around the world. Including: The University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom.

Website: https://www.virteasy.com

Forsslund Systems AB

Forsslund Systems makes both a VR and haptic simulator and designs and builds world-class haptic devices. Their founder, Jonas Forsslund, studied with the pioneers of haptic technology and continues to have a great impact on the industry.

Website: https://www.forsslundsystems.com/

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JP Mentors

JP Mentors provides installation and training for all universities and corporate clients that purchase any of our pre-built simulators.

Website: https://www.jpmentors.co.uk/

Our Locations

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Montreal Co-working office
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France Registered Office
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Sweden registered Office
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