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Implantology Workshop

Implantology Workshop
Implantology Workshop Virteasy
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Implantology Workshop Handling Skills
Handling & Technique

For implantology it's important to have a steady hand. With this workshop exercise you can practice following the outline.

Implantology Workshop Simulation
implant preparation

Using basic density blocks we are able to recreate the correct feeling, whilst keeping the theory abstract from a real jaw to ensure the learner is competent in their technical skills.

Available On:
Virteasy Dental
pre-clinical Dentistry & Implantology

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☑ VR & Haptics
☑ Comes with Virteasy Simulation
☑ High-fidelity
☑ 3D screen
☑ Fixed finger rest
☑ Two-handed Operation

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☑ VR-headset ready & Haptics
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☑ Two-handed Operation

Note: Implantology requires the upgraded haptics device.

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