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Dental Simulators
Kobra Simulator
Teeth extraction

★ Open Source

 VR & Haptics
☑ Comes with Kobra Simulation
☑ High-fidelity
☑ 3D screen
☐ Fixed finger rest
☐ Two-handed Operation

Virteasy Dental
pre-clinical Dentistry & Implantology

★ Backed by Epic Games Mega Grants
★ Best Selling

☑ VR & Haptics
☑ Comes with Virteasy Simulation
☑ High-fidelity
☑ 3D screen
☑ Fixed finger rest
☑ Two-handed Operation

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Universal -
All simulations

★ Most Affordable

☑ VR-headset ready & Haptics
☑ Compatible with all simulations
 3D screen
 Fixed finger rest
 Two-handed Operation

Kobra Simulator
Kobra Simulator

The ONLY VR & HAPTIC SIMULATOR currrently available focusing on oral surgery (teeth extraction).

1. CrossBox
2. Mesioangular retinated third molar
3. Impacted d23
4. Extraction d36
5. Impacted d85
6. Apicoectomy d22

More cases can be created with your help!

Min Height  
Max Height  
Width 47.25″ 120cm
Depth 19.3″ 49cm
Power Supply
Virteasy Dental
Virteasy Dental

Over 115 exercises pre-loaded, including:

Min Height 56″ 142 cm
Max Height 67.7″ 172 cm
Width 25.3″ 64 cm
Depth 25.6″ 65 cm
Weight 175 lbs 80 KG
Technical Spec
Haptic Arm 7.9N Max > 1.75 N Continuous
Power Supply
Power 600 W 110-240V
Consumption 0.32 kWh 
Exercises 115+ 
Development Partner Sheffield University United Kingdom
Universal Simulator
Universal Simulation Logo

The universal simulator is a low-fideliy VR & haptic simulator that is designed to work with any simulation.

It is custom built to your requirements.

Coming in 2020 – register interest today with
[email protected]

Build your own simulator
Powerful PC
Custom Built

Ram: 16GB +
Processor: i7 +
Hard Drive:
512 GB +
Graphics card: VR Ready
Ports: Display Port and USB 3 for VR

HD Touchscreen Monitor

Using a touchscreen monitor allows for simulations without a VR headset as well as review to the work completed.

Foot Pedal

The foot pedal allows simulations to replicate the sensation of activating the drill for dental simulations.


The basic haptic works well for general dentistry and basic training.


This haptic is required for oral surgery and implantology.

Virtual Reality (Full-VR simulations)
Oculus Rift S
Oculus Rift S

The best VR headset for the most immersive experience